I'm Yasuaki Uechi, a graduate student studying about recurrent neural networks. I was born in Okinawa, Japan and have been living in Kanagawa.


Reach me at or @uechz on Twitter. Beware that I'm not really good at email stuff. If you need a lightning response, better bomb my inbox with reminders, so I can prioritize your email and reply real quick.


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  • interests: webdev, nlp, ml, ux, coffee, puzzle
  • have confidence in: js (incl. nodejs, typescript, and react), ui design
  • have no confidence in: normal life stuff
  • have some experience in: python, swift, go, ruby, rust, c++, pytorch, linux
  • language skills:
    • Japanese: native
    • English: TOEIC 940, TOEFL 78
  • play violin and tin whistle to keep sanity, drink a bit.